v a n t a b l a c k

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about me

  • vantablack aka vanta
  • 26
  • trans enby girl lesbian gender terrorist
  • she/her, they/them
  • seattle
  • a forest of carbon nanotubes
  • rogue video editor extraordinaire
  • full-fledged cybersleuth archivist
  • punweaver
  • nightcore queen
  • chaotic good
  • the fediverse's favorite pirate radio DJ
  • "i'll stop wearing black when they make a darker color"
  • baby, i'm an anarcho-communist
  • dislikes: clocks, space
  • spinel is my favorite gem
  • capybaras are the stoners of the animal kingdom and therefore my favorite
  • posting at the speed of the absence of light
  • up the cyberpunx!!!
  • every time someone unfollows me because i post too much, i grow stronger
  • you only live forever in the lights you make



  • "You're really cute but I'm gonna be honest your mannerisms make me feel like I'm talking to a kid on GaiaOnline circa 2010s and it's really off-putting..."

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  • more fun stuff!!!

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